Photography Ideas That Make Your Wedding Pictures Stand Out

To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with a list of ideas for you to discuss with your photographer. Doing so allows them to know what you expect from your photo session. It also gives them a timeline of events that will take place throughout the day to know where to be and when.

10 Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas That Fit Your Chosen Theme

Here are ten unique wedding photoshoot ideas that fit your chosen theme:

  1. Laying in the grass or the leaves. When wearing a more casual outfit than a wedding dress or suit, have the photographer make use of the natural world. Grass or leaves make a great addition to your wedding photos.
  2. Current weather conditions. If rain is part of the forecast, make the most of it. Using umbrellas as props, pledge your love for another as a couple.
  3. Light and shadows. Have the photographer play with natural light and the shadows that it casts. It can create very moody photos that you’ll love looking at over and over again.
  4. Pictures with your pets. Who doesn’t love their furry friends? Make yours part of the celebration by including them in your pictures.
  5. A vintage car or camper in the background. It’s an excellent way to show off your passions. If it’s your car or camper, it’s even better!
  6. A suitcase with your honeymoon destination stickered on the front of it. What a fun way to let others know where you plan on going to celebrate being a married couple. It’s the start of the vacation photos you will take while away from home.
  7. Local architecture. Document the history of your city. There are significant buildings that are worthy of photographing.
  8. Generational pictures with great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and children. Show how you came to be. There are lots of love stories in each family worth sharing.
  9. An ode to romantic movies. Recreate an iconic scene. Dress the part or use props similar to what you saw in the film.

10. Documenting the first date. Go to the location of your initial encounter. Do some of the same activities that you did on your first date.

Your wedding photos are among the most important items that you have to remember your wedding day. Making sure that everything is picture-perfect takes skill. Having an idea of the types of photographs you’d like to have taken makes a world of difference. It’s well worth the time spent because you’ll have a well-documented account of your special day that you can look back at for years.

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