Everything isn’t over after your wedding and honeymoon- you still have your pictures and thoughtful notes to look at in your guestbook. Hopefully, these good wishes aren’t shoved into the back of a closet with unused wedding invitations and dried up bouquets.

10 of the Best Guest Book Ideas

1. Reuse Wine Bottles

There are two different ways you could go with this. One way is to “message in a bottle” your guest book through reusing old bottles. While the other method is to have your guests sign the labels of bottles to be opened in the future. Make sure you have metallic sharpies available for this one.

2. Painted Globes

The beauty of this globe is that it can be used in your home office or den after the wedding and doesn’t have to be stored away. This chalkboard painted globe offers a unique look to any other guest book. 

3. Vintage Atlas

Great for those that have guests from all over the place and love to travel. Have your guests sign on a vintage road atlas and highlight the cities that they are coming from and also where the couple would like to visit. This is an even better guest book for the bride or groom that loves vintage books.

4. Washi Tape and Polaroids

Utilize your guests in making a DIY guest book that will be completely unique. Have them take quirky pictures with the polaroid and attach them to a scrapbook with the washi tape. Make sure the scrapbook has plenty of space that they can use to add stories and guide them along with pre-written questions at the top of each page.

5. Advice Coasters

A little extra advice never hurt anyone. Leave blank coasters on each table that guests can use to fill out with funny memories and advice. These will be the coasters that you use with wine glasses together during your first year getting settled down.

6. Sweetest Dictionary

Leave out pens with colored tips and a new dictionary. Have guests circle words that they feel describe the two of you and add notes to the margins.

7. Shadowbox Art

Just like Plinko, have your guests sign wooden hearts that you then drop into a bright blue shadow box behind a pane of glass. There are many shapes available, look for one that captures the two of you as a couple.

8. Modern Prints

Look for a cool monogram print that has plenty of white space like your fingerprints, and have your friends and family sign it. Make sure that the design fits with your home because you are going to be displaying it later. If you don’t want the actual print disturbed have your guests sign the frame or back of the print.

9. A Board Game

Everybody loves a good board game, this is especially good if you have a regular game night with your best friends. Use a game board such as monopoly or Jenga and have all your guests sign and make notes.

10. Snail Mail

Do you love getting mail, ask a member of your family or close friend to gather a stack of postcards signed by guests and have them mail you a couple of them every week. Remember to have stamps ready for them to sign.


Try Embroidered Guest Books

There are also many gorgeous embroidered guest books available for your wedding reception or ceremony that you can choose for design, style, and practicality. They are perfect for all occasions, with folded accordion pearl pages they can be opened fully onto the table to be written on and then easily folded back into a book.