Unless you are like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, the delight of being chosen as a bridesmaid can quickly turn to panic if it is your responsibility to host the bridal shower. If this is your first time, and you want to plan the perfect event, it can be an intimidating experience. Thankfully, SG Wedding Favors has put together 6 Steps to planning the perfect bridal shower!

6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

 1. Budget

Establishing a financial limit is essential. Whether you realize it or not, every decision from here on out will come down to careful budgeting for items like the venue, food, decorations, party favors, and games. When you know your budget, you can work much more efficiently within it! Regardless of how much you have, it is not impossible to give your friend her perfect day even with a limited budget!

2. Begin a Tentative Guest List for Venue and Invitations

Your first challenge will be to assemble a guest list and choose the appropriate venue. You cannot send out invitations until you know the size of the place you need to host the event. See how it can be intimidating now? The quickest way to overcome it is to talk with friends and family and decide on guests and location. You can then send out the invitations and ask them to RSVP to further define your budget needs. Do not forget to use social media and email as additional sources to reach friends and family!  

3. Select The Theme

 You were chosen as the host for a reason! You know your friend better than anyone. If you need some inspiration, stop by and browse our themes based on culture, season, or trends which you can define by your friend’s favorite personality, color, or budgeting criteria! SG Wedding Favors knows that selecting a theme can a big decision, so feel free to contact us if you need advice.

 4. Food and Games

Food and entertainment will require some thought since they closely align with attendance. This presents a second challenge. How do you order food when you are not sure who is coming? McHale’s Events and Catering offers a handy formula for figuring it out. If budgeting becomes an issue, rely on family and friends to bring something!

The same idea goes for the games you intend to play as they are a part of any bridal shower! Only play a few, and design them based on things you know about the bride! Guests love the bride as much as you do and will want to participate in making it a memorable day!

5. Decorations and Party Favors

Decorations and party favors will correlate with the theme. Since you have already chosen it, the decorations will be a breeze. Standard items like hanging décor, table decorations, place cards, and chair sashes are easily added to your list. If you want to speak directly to your friend’s heart, personalized mementos add a unique and unforgettable atmosphere!

6. Have a Bridal Shower Gift Registry

This step may be the easiest on your list to accomplish. Ask the bride or groom for their registry or start your own. Include the information on the invitation so that guests know what to expect when attending. Moreover, the record will account for which guest brought what so that you can help the bride send out thank-you cards afterward.

It is essential to remember that this day is all about providing a joyous event for the bride. Keeping that in mind will help when making decisions. But if you find that you need help, contact our dedicated staff who are more than happy to help you stand out as a topnotch host!