In the age of social media and instant access, brides and grooms worry about guest impressions. If you find that you are under pressure to put on a perfect event, you might be surprised to learn that guests prefer fun over formality. Here are seven unusual things your guests love to see at weddings this year.

7 Unusual Things Your Guests Love To See At Weddings

1. Non-Traditional Dress Codes

Contrary to popular opinion, white dresses recently became popular over the last century. Even though most guests expect White, they love to see creative color schemes that speak to their character rather than social dictates. Spice it up as guests will applaud your style.

 2. Assigned Seating

Guests love to have more freedom in seating arrangements because they want to sit with loved ones, spouses, or friends. They also have no choice to sit by people they dislike when someone else has dictated their seating arrangement. Think about comfort first.

 3. Cake-Cutting First, Party Afterward

While you might secretly covet the cake cutting ceremony, your guests are not so into it when you decide to do it during the party. You may want to do this earlier in the event and capture your pictures. While you celebrate with friends and family without interruption, your caterer can cut and serve it when guests want to enjoy it.

 4. Late Night Snacks

The wedding party can last for hours after a dinner party which means your guests will want a snack after imbibing in a few drinks. Guests love to see snacks like favorite local eateries or finger foods to counterbalance the effects of the liquor. Not only will your guests appreciate it, but they will thank you for thinking about their needs.

 5. Clear Invitation Directions

Guests appreciate when your wedding details are clear and informative. Adding a map, directions, or travel tips can significantly improve time restraints. It also helps guests arrive happily and cheerfully when they do not have to compete for lanes or lots of unexpected traffic patterns. You might decide to add a URL to your invitation for this information which will make it accessible to anyone who needs it.

 6.  Informal Dinner Ceremony

Formality can be a bit boring. It also hinders your guest’s engagement level for fear of messing up the perfect wedding and reception plans you have constructed. If you have multiple rooms, open them for guests to engage in what they enjoy. Do not close your bar for long periods of time. You can also set aside places for cocktails, dinner, and dancing so that guests have more freedom to enjoy your wedding. 

 7. More Beer, Fewer Thrills

Many of your guests would prefer you spend more on beer and wine than useless entertainment. You can also make it more fun by buying party favors like coasters, wine stoppers, or bottle openers. Not only can you thank them for coming, but the beer or wine will go well with the party favor accessories which they can use long after the party ends.

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