Sure, we help millions of couples each year choose their themes, wedding décor, bridal party gifts, new baby items, guest favors, anniversary presents, and so much more. But, did you know that our personalized gifts also make extraordinary marketing campaign items as well? Here are seven ways to integrate our branded personalized gifts into your business's marketing campaigns.

Seven Ways Businesses Can Use SG Wedding Favors Personalized Gifts In Marketing Campaigns

1. To Promote Branding

Branding is all about standing out, creating an identity, and making a connection with your customer base. By ordering items like bookmarks, individual event tote bags, stationery, and multi-functional pens, you will be able to build your brand in a unique and creative way. Personalized gifts used for marketing purposes also help you promote your company and products which could include local or national SEO and branded keywords.

 2.  Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail market your business with a personalized gift that has your business name or mission listed is a smart decision. Direct mail customers would enjoy items like personalized stickers, keychains, or personal invitations to in-store or online events that have redeemable coupons for an online or in-store purchase. If you use geospatial direct mail marketing, you also know exactly where your customer base lives to send the offers.

 3. Our Corporate Collection Is Perfect For Marketing And Branding

SG Wedding Favors has a full collection of corporate-friendly items that really hit home the importance of customer loyalty which makes them ideal for marketing campaigns. Depending on which industry you work, things like bookmarks, USBs, or bottle openers are perfect for showing your customers appreciation and using them for loyalty programs. Place card holders are also ideal for customer feedback sessions or thank-you brunches.

 4. Offer An In-Store Freebie Through Online Campaigns

There are two types of customers: those who prefer online shopping and those who visit online websites to research brick-and-mortar store information before shopping. Tempt your customers to visit your store by offering a freebie through an online campaign. 

 5. To Promote Customer Appreciation Or Loyalty Program

Research by Monetate on customer retention found that returning customers are more likely to spend two times more than new ones, so it pays to offer loyalty programs to improve sales and revenue. Offering a free gift to show appreciation is a nice touch that will have customers coming back, providing great feedback online, and boosting sales.

 6. Give As A Bookmark Instead Of A Business Card

Millennials are changing the business card era, but they are also responding to creative ideas like giving personalized bookmarks instead. You can bet that while the receiver would throw your business card in the drawer, an inscribed bookmark would be used.

 7. As An Incentive For Upsells And Cross-Sells

You often see BOGO or half-off sales, but customers love incentives which is why our items make the perfect answer to promote upsells and cross-sells. Not only will a branded gift advertise your business name, address, or business motto, but it allows customers to feel great about making a purchase while also earning a limited-time-only incentive. 

Because you save with bulk orders that we deliver worldwide, it’s an excellent method to brand your business, build customer loyalty, and entice your online buyers to visit your store in-person.