Budget is always an issue when preparing for a wedding and reception. From the venue selection to the food and décor, it seems like there are a thousand decisions to make. So, how do you plan for a perfect wedding and still stay within your budget? It is not as hard as you think. Here are seven ways to save money when planning your wedding.

7 Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

1. Choose A Wedding Day That Is Not Popular For Events

It should come as no surprise that Saturday is the most popular for weddings. It will also not be surprising to learn that, because of the competition, venues and vendors charge premium prices.

-Research pricing as Friday and Sunday are cheaper than Saturday.

-Choose an unpopular day and you will save several thousand in venue costs.

-Caterers will not be pressured to deliver multiple orders which will reduce costs.

 2. Get Married During The Off-Season

The most popular time to get married is between May and October. The months of February and December are also favored because of holidays. Vendors raise their prices during peak seasons, so select an off-season month based on availability.

-For a winter wedding, choose January or March.

-For a spring wedding, opt for a day in April.

-For a fall wedding, select November, but keep in mind that if you live in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, caterers may be more expensive around the holiday.

 3. Use A Venue That Enables You To Hire Non-Affiliate Vendors

One of the easiest ways to go over your budget is to choose a venue that forces you to use their vendor affiliates. You will not have the option to pick and choose based on pricing.

-Only contract with venues that give you a choice of vendor selection.

-You can opt for a rustic wedding venue that avoids the cost altogether.

-Marry at a courthouse and invest your budget in your reception’s food and décor.

 4. Take Your Time And Shop Around

One of the best ways to save money is by shopping around. Select your venue, caterer, and décor supplier based on availability and pricing.

-Is the venue what you envision for your wedding day?

-Is the wedding vendor affordable?

-Does your selection fully supply your needs?

 5. Do Not Provide Endless Alcohol

Endless alcohol is expensive, so avoid hard liquor altogether by opting for other options.

-Contact a local brewery for beer kegs which will save much money.

-Provide wine for your guests as an alternative to beer.

 6. Blend Store-Bought And DIY

 Look for ways to shave from your budget by deciding on which things should be store-bought and which you can do yourself.

-Blending purchased and DIY décor is one of the easiest ways to save money.

-Letting friends and family help you decorate will also be financially beneficial.

 7. Check SG Wedding Favors Website For Affordable Décor

 Decorating your wedding and reception will save money, so take the time to research themes before purchasing supplies.

-Check our website for décor that will enhance your wedding theme.

-Look at our sales page to find favors that are affordable.

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