When it comes to party favors, sometimes thinking outside of the box can be very rewarding. This is true of any event, be it a wedding, anniversary party, bar mitzvah, convention, or any other time with lots of guests coming by. And while Jordan almonds or door prizes are the traditional approach, the name of the game for entertaining right now is this: personalization.

For that reason, and because it can really be a lot of fun, you may want to consider some fun activities that will offer guests a chance to be creative. It will also provide them with a one-of-a-kind gift they can take home.

Activity Party Favors

Painted parasols

Have a parasol for every guest, men, and women. If people don’t like the style, they can use it in the future as a gift of their own. Set up a station where several people can work on a project at once, according to your guest number and your space. This would be a good project for an outdoor wedding, especially in the warmer months. 

Give everyone some paints and brushes. You could also check out the “spill painting” technique. This is where acrylic paint is made “pourable” with the addition of some colors. The guests would pour the paints over the parasols in different colors, creating an abstract effect.

Tie-Dye shirts or more

This is a great activity for a family reunion, especially if there is a group t-shirt already made for the event. You can also ask guests to bring a piece of old, light-colored clothing. You provide the rubber bands and dyes and smocks if needed. Look up some techniques too, like the spiral or other effects. In the end, you will have to either organize a big wash or give plastic bags and instructions to your guests. 

Decorate a plant pot

If you are already considering sending your guests home with a little green life, take it a step further. Start with something hearty, such as a succulent or other easy-to-care-for plants. Choose a neutral pot with a surface that will hold on to the paint. You can ask for help at a craft store if needed. Set up an area at your party with a plant for each guest. Let them remove the plant from the outer pot and get to work.

You can have fun magazine cutouts, with images such as plants, animals, strips of color, or other interesting sights. Have some glue so that your guests can attach them to the pots. For a wedding, you could use a Victorian Valentine's day theme, with cupids, roses, and bows. For a child’s party, you could have some dinosaur stickers or other featured designs that would be appreciated.

Just remember this- if the favor is something special, there is a much bigger chance of people keeping it and remembering your event fondly. While a photograph on a magnet may be great for your grandmother, there are a lot more memorable options to share.