Giving and receiving gifts within a corporate setting can be complicated. Although it is a highly effective way to boost employee productivity and morale, it can also be problematic based on value and belief systems. A good deed can quickly turn into a nightmare which is why you need to learn more about corporate gift-giving etiquette before shopping for employees.

Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette

General Rules That Employers Should Follow

Personalize If Possible 

Turning an ordinary gift into a personalized one enables you to show your appreciation to your workforce. It not only makes employees feel good about their service, but it prompts them to work harder in the workplace.

Even if you are following a strict budget, a gift for a department along with individually inscribed cards would be an ideal way to say thank-you. Personal messages make people feel wanted and valued, but more importantly, it boosts productivity

Establish Protocol For Policy On Gifts

Did you know that the IRS limits the amount that employers can spend on corporate gifts? No employee can receive one or a combination of items that total $25.00 in a single tax year. Most corporations want to avoid tax liability so they adhere to strict guidelines when deciding on what type of products to buy.

There is one exception to the maximum gift amount rule: gifts under $4 that display the company name is not considered a gift but rather business supplies (pens, customized stationary, and gift sets). Corporations may also have a set procedure for who is responsible for tax liability on more expensive gifts. Employees need to know if they will have to pay taxes so that they have the right to accept or decline based on obligation.

Consider Cultural Differences

It is critical to avoid gifts that have a cultural or religious inference so that none of your employees feel uncomfortable about getting something they cannot accept. Not only can it disrupt the workforce, but discrimination is illegal under federal law.

A positive gesture can instantaneously become an adverse event which is why you should avoid any gift that implies or misconstrue your actions. It will also be offensive if you innocently give a particular item that supports any individual religious belief.

Should All Employees Receive The Same Gift?

You do not have to give the same gift, but you should maintain strict adherence to the amount you spend so that one department does not feel less important in the workplace. An excellent way to avoid this type of situation is to buy gifts that your employees can use in their daily activities as it avoids comparison because of differences in duties.

Disengaged employees cost companies up to $550 billion each year. If you want to improve production rates, gift-giving is your opportunity to boost morale and promote a positive attitude in the workplace.   

Giving gifts is simple when you follow corporate gift-giving etiquette which is why SG Wedding Favors provides a variety of affordable and fully-customizable products that enable you to create a friendly and productive atmosphere.