Are you or someone you know expecting a newborn soon? Newborn growth spurts occur so quickly which is why documenting a baby’s developmental milestones help you capture growth patterns and major achievements like rolling over, sitting up, first words, or walking. While you think you would never forget these memorable moments, just wait until you have two or three newborn babies running around the house consecutively. Trying to figure out who said what and when will become a challenge all its own for parents. So, if you have a little one on the way, it is the perfect time to check out our adorable new collection of developmental milestone cards.

Introducing Our New Collection Of Developmental Milestone Cards

Developmental Milestone Checklist

The first year is full of developmental milestones for infants. Even though no babies develop the same, you will notice a clear growth pattern of newborn activities that show progress. From birth to six months, your baby will double his or her weight and will roll over, sit up, and stand when ready. It is a good idea to have a developmental milestone checklist on hand to document your baby’s journey since some babies reach milestones early while others later than expected.

By the age of one month, infants generally begin to make wobbly arm movements, make tight fists, and begin to make hand-to-face contact. Babies also begin to focus on objects that are up to twelve inches away, hear sounds well, and prefer human contact.  By three months, babies begin to raise their heads when flat on their stomachs, stretch out, kick their legs, and will begin to murmur. They also begin to open their fists, grab items, and follow moving objects.

By seven months, babies roll from the stomach to the back, use hands to reach for things, and support their weight when held erect. They also begin to visualize in color and see moving objects from a distance. You will also hear your baby begin to talk in multiple consonants (ma-ma-ma) and show greater interest in imagery and emotions. By one year old, babies sit up, crawl, stand up, and speak single words like dada or imitate others by saying up-oh or no with emotion. 

By eighteen months, your baby’s vocabulary will grow extensively and even develop into simple two and four-word phrases by age two. Most toddlers walk, carry toys, kick balls, climb on furniture without help, use crayons, recognize family by name as well as body parts or objects. Your toddler will also begin to pay more attention to instructions, role-play, and imitate the actions or behaviors of others. There is also a clear streak of independence you will notice.

SG Wedding Favors Milestone Cards

We want to be a part of your baby’s milestone development which is why we have put together a collection of delightful milestone cards that will make a keepsake that your child will cherish.

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  • Miffy Baby Cards
  • The Original Baby Cards

Meeting developmental milestones is an exciting time for both parents and babies, so any of our newborn gift ideas will surely bring years of joy to parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends.