The engagement is the uncomplicated part. Preparing for the wedding requires much time, energy, and attention to detail. Choosing a theme is one of the essential requirements as it will influence the type of invitations, color palettes, and décor you select. For couples who want to learn how to choose the perfect theme for your wedding, here are a few ideas that will help.

How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your Wedding

1. Visualize Your Wedding Day

A good start to choosing a theme is first to visualize your wedding day. What is the ideal weather setting? What type of décor do you imagine? What colors do you envision? What are you wearing? What type of venue is it? The more you think about your wedding, the easier it will be to choose things you want to include.

 2. Define Your Style

Many people believe that they do not have a personal style. Technically, everyone has a style, but some people do not know how to articulate it in only a few words. So, take a few minutes to look in your closet. Do you see casual, professional, or business casual outfits? Choose an outfit for each style and assess the final results. Which one do you prefer? It could mean the difference between a formal wedding, a semi-casual outside venue, or an informal ceremony on an exotic beach.

 3.  What Type Of Wedding Do You Prefer? Romantic, Old-World, Contemporary?

Would you choose a floral, fairy tale, seasonal, nautical, or a cultural theme? If you want a floral motif, you could opt for a beautiful garden ceremony full of vibrantly colored, fragrant flowers. If you like romance, you might consider romantic décor, clusters of candles, or string lighting. Once you know what type of wedding you prefer, you have enough knowledge to narrow down the themes to a few favorites.

 4. Are There Any Special Elements You Want To Include In Your Wedding?

Some couples have must-have practices they want to do whether it is including family or friends or a unique addition to an otherwise traditional ceremony. If you are going to ride to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage, a fairy tale wedding theme would be ideal. If you love horses and dislike the princess part, a rustic venue and earthy décor would capture personality and style.

 5. What Things Do You and Your Spouse Have In Common?

Shared interests are a great way to make “my wedding” into “our wedding.” Even when only one person is doing most of the planning, it is a beautiful gesture to include things that represent both the bride and the groom. It can help identify a venue type or general style that blends the elements that made two individuals into one.

With so many choices between seasonal, cultural, or trends, both the bride and the groom should take the time to research them and find the one that defines your style best. Thinking about themes before beginning to plan can save a great deal of time contemplating the details.