Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or even a baby shower, unless there have been specific instructions for children to not be present, more often than not, you can expect at least one child to be present at the event you are hosting. In this case, it’s important that you make the night enjoyable for everyone – after all, happy children equal happy parents. This means that you’ll need to take these little ones into consideration when planning an event. By scheduling certain activities, planning to serve certain foods, and just overall creating a children-safe space, you can make sure that your event, no matter what it is celebrating, is a hit with both the adults and children that attend.

How to Host an Event When Children Will Be Present

Try to Know How Many Children Are Coming

The entire process of planning a children-friendly event will be a lot easier if you know exactly how many children are coming and their ages. After all, you don’t want to go through the work of planning an event for a dozen toddlers when only three 8 year olds will be attending. If possible, before the event, try to get at least an estimated headcount.

Plan a Few Activities Just for the Kids

While adults may be the main focus of your even, it’s important that the children have something to do in their free time – remember, bored children are fussy children, and, if your guests’ children are unhappy, they will be too. Of course, you don’t have to center every activity around the children. Just make sure to include at least one or two. If you’re lacking inspiration for activities, consider including a few games such as pin the tail, hide and seek, or even purchase a pinata if it is appropriate for the event.

Create a Kids’ Only Zone

What better way to make an event enjoyable for children than by throwing them their own party? This works well if you want to include special activities for the little ones but don’t want them being the focus of the event – such as at a wedding – disturbing the atmosphere, or clashing with the decorations and themes. Designate a special spot – an empty room, a corner, or even a hallway – just for the children where their parents can leave them while they enjoy the event. If you choose to create a Kids’ Zone, make sure to leave a responsible adult in charge. Never leave the children unsupervised. 

Serve the Right Food

While it may be a hit with your older guests, children probably won’t enjoy filet mignon or seared salmon. Thankfully, they’re easy to satisfy. When planning the menu for your event, include some traditional children entrees such as chicken nuggets. This will be relatively inexpensive and will keep your youngest guests happy and well fed. 

Have Favors Just for The Children

Children love presents. However, they probably won’t enjoy a bar of soap or a scented candle. Try to purchase a few extra favors just for the children, including things such as candy or keychains