How to Throw a Socially Distanced Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Dos and Don’ts

The very first thing to consider is how many people you’re allowed to invite based on your state’s restrictions. You cannot make exceptions to this rule. You must adhere to safety guidelines or wait to have your ceremony and reception at a later date.

Next, you’ll want to find a sizeable venue that can help your guests spread out safely. Six feet apart is necessary for people who do not live in the same household. If the guests come from the same family and live together, they can sit together at one bench or table.

You’ll also want to nix the buffet. Instead, order individual meals for guests and have them delivered to the table. That way, there are no safety issues posed by having a lot of people gathered in one area of the room getting food.

Another helpful tip is to order your supplies and décor as early as possible in case there are mail delays. Postal carriers and delivery companies worldwide have experienced disruptions due to COVID-19. Ordering as early as possible ensures that the items that you need for your wedding day arrive in plenty of time for you to look them over and use them for your reception or ceremony.

Planning for the weather is absolutely imperative. In the event that it does rain, is there an indoor venue that allows for social distancing? How strict is the cancellation policy in the contract that you signed?

Can you put up protective tents for guests to remain under? If the answer is “Yes,” how long will it take to complete the process? Is it something that can be done quickly or need to be done the night before to ensure that everyone is comfortable and dry during your celebration?

SG Wedding Favors Makes Your Day Extra Special

Throw a socially distanced outdoor wedding today. Abide by the CDC and your state’s guidelines for larger gatherings. Take the time to come up with a plan for seating that allows everyone to attend your celebration without fear of coming into contact with the coronavirus. Make the health and safety of your guests a priority by renting a large venue and giving each person in attendance plenty of space to move around freely without coming into contact with other people.

Social gatherings in today’s world are even more exceptional. Let SG Wedding Favors be a part of your special day. We’ll go out of our way to make sure that it’s everything that you wanted it to be and more. Contact us right away for additional assistance or for help placing an order for your socially distanced outdoor wedding.