So, you want to skirt tradition and take wedding photos that are unique, memorable, and full of props. How do you pull it off without a hitch? The first thing you do is discuss the type of photos you’d like to have taken with your wedding photographer. That way, when the big day comes, there isn’t any question as to what you want the professional to do for your photo shoot.

Non-Traditional Wedding Photo Ideas That Use Props

Come Up with a Wedding Day Cheatsheet

One thing you can do is come up with a Wedding Day Cheatsheet listing all the different photos you’d like the photographer to try to capture that day. That way, you can make notes alongside the photos about the different props you want to incorporate into the shoot. It will serve as a resource for you to reference while buying the things you need for your ceremony and reception.

Those Magical, Memorable Marital Photographs

If you’re not sure which ideas to go with, the following list will serve as suggestions. The only thing needed for a perfect wedding shoot besides the photographer is creativity. This is time for you to make your special day as memorable as possible.

Here are non-traditional wedding photo ideas that use props:

  • Little Sweethearts. The couple stands side-by-side holding a photo from their youth in a photo frame. To pull off this adorable photo, the pictures being used should be of the couple when they’re about the same age as each other.  Another take is sharing photos of other married couples in the family such as parents or grandparents.  Two photos in photo frames are needed to pull this picture off.
  • Destination Known. Document your honeymoon trip before you leave for it by having the photographer take a photo of your plane tickets and passports together on a table with a map or globe on it. SG Wedding Favors has many destination-themed decorations for you to choose from and use in your photo shoot.
  • Paws for a Cause. One bride in the United States had her bridesmaids and maid of honor hold shelter puppies instead of bouquets. You can do something similar by raising awareness of a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Think of the different items that your wedding party can hold in the photos and help a non-profit or charitable cause gain additional exposure.
  • Where We Met. Tell the story of where you met by having a few photos shot in that location. An American couple actually got married in the Taco Bell restaurant they met in. Although this may not be an option for everyone, it could make for some very interesting photos especially using the different items available as props. Think of how you can make the experience even more personal with items that you own, borrow or buy.


Take beautiful, non-traditional wedding photos. Celebrate your union in ways that only you, your spouse, family, and friends know how to do. Order your photo props from SG Wedding Favors right away to ensure their timely arrival to your home or business.