Tents are often the go-to-choice for outdoor weddings because they are durable and fully-functional. Not only does it provide shelter from the weather, but it offers enough space to enjoy a wedding and reception with beautifully set tables, entertainment, and decadent greenery. If you are having a beach or outdoor rustic wedding, here are seven tent ideas worth investing.

Having A Beach Or Outdoor Rustic Wedding? Seven Tent Ideas Worth Investing

1. Make The Head Table The Focal Point Of Your Tent

The bride and groom must always be the focal point of a wedding reception, so it makes sense to position the wedding table with exquisite decorations. From a floral display to a hanging chandelier, creating a striking first impression that elevates the bride and groom’s status will ensure that all eyes are on the two people who count most.

 2. Add Draping To Accentuate Your Tent

Using draping in your tent adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to a wedding. Draping will also take away the need for chandeliers which instead adds a natural vibe to the tent’s interior and exterior. If you have flaws you want to hide, this is the perfect way to do it as the fabric will hang from the ceiling all the way to the floor.

3. Use Hanging Floral To Elevate Your Design Aesthetic

Greenery is one of the biggest trends this year, so it makes sense that if you have an outdoor wedding, you add greenery and floral designs that elevate your design aesthetic. You want your guests to take in more than what is at eye-level. A good way to do it is by situating hanging floral and greenery in unique places that will surely draw their notice.

 4. Create A Lovely Dance Floor, Entertainment, and Seating Area

Allocating space for a dance floor in the middle of a tent allows guests to enjoy it regardless of where they are sitting. Having the entertainment positioned nearby also lets the DJ introduce the events. The guests will enjoy the cheerful ambiance that you create.

 5. Make The Entrance Point For The Bride And Groom Seeable From All Points

Not only is it important for your guests to take in the scene upon entrance, but you want to ensure that when the wedding party walks in, they, too will enjoy the scenery. When you decorate your entrance accordingly, it makes it easier to take in their reactions.

 6. Light Up The Night Both Inside And Outside The Tent Area

Lighting will be an issue for a nighttime wedding. You can choose lighting and chandeliers, or you can add a bit of grandeur by using various-sized candles to create an intimate mood that ensures the guests feel comfortable with the encroaching darkness.

7.  Choose Décor And Color Schemes That Compliment Your Wedding Theme

Your choice of color schemes and décor choices will set the tone for your wedding ceremony and reception. As you and your guests will ultimately be in the tent, you will need to ensure that you use the space accordingly by using the right balance of décor.

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