Couples can share their love for travel with their wedding guests by choosing a travel theme for their ceremony and reception. Doing so allows others to see the world the way they do, as the big beautiful planet that it is. Best of all, guests can visualize what it feels like to trek across the globe because of the decorations and favors that are provided to them on tables, walkways, and dance halls.

Take Your Guests on a Trip Around the World with a Travel-Themed Wedding

If you have travel in your heart and want to share it on your wedding day, you’re in luck. You’ll find dozens of ideas to consider. Incorporating a travel theme into your celebration is easy once you know where to buy the things that you need to pull it off.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Choose a mode of transportation to go with.

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for the sea? Do you cruise often? Have you considered traveling the countryside by bicycle? Airplane? RV? Select a mode of transportation and make it one of your focal points in the venue. Vintage Airplane Bottle Openers are perfect wedding party gifts for the bridal party and groomsmen.

Select a destination to highlight.

Perhaps it’s someone you traveled together as a couple or plan to travel together after you’re married. Maybe it’s where you plan to honeymoon. Whatever the case may be, you’ll have a lot of fun highlighting a beautiful city or country that your guests may not know about.

Feature global cuisine.

To add to your theme, serve traditional foods from the country you’ve chosen as your theme. Find a caterer that specializes in international cuisine and let them know what you have in mind. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to go on a taste adventure. They’ll get to sample world-class cuisine and maybe find some new favorite foods to cook at home with their families.

Incorporate old maps into your décor.

Frame them, make them into confetti or cut them down to postcard size to make place cards out of. You’ve got plenty of options. The idea behind the décor is that it’s cheap, nostalgic, and familiar. People see maps and associate them with travel. Your theme becomes even more clear with the right decorations.

Use a globe as a guest book.

You’ll have a permanent keepsake that you can look at repeatedly throughout the years. Make sure to include pens that are permanent and won’t smear on the table. Let everyone know that you want them to sign the object so they won’t forget to do it before they enter the reception hall or take a seat at their table.

Take your guests on a trip around the world with your travel-themed wedding. They’ll feel like a planetary nomad without needing a passport. Setting the mood for your ceremony and reception is easy when you shop SG Wedding Favors. You’ll find the things you need to make your guests feel like first-class travelers.