It can create mixed feelings, being tasked with throwing a baby shower. While it is obviously an honor, there can also be feelings of heavy responsibility and a fear of disappointment on the part of the expectant mother. Let’s look at some do’s and don'ts to help keep you, and the party, positive, fun, and relaxing.

Throwing a Baby Shower

  • Do Pick a Theme

Especially if the sex is not yet known, try to keep your decor gender-neutral. Just focus on it being cheery. Butterflies, woodland creatures (owls, foxes, deer, etc.), floral motifs, or just plain whimsical elements can all create a fun and celebratory mood. 

Focus on the table or seating area where most of the party and socializing will take place. Some festive hanging decor can really set up a whole mood. A sophisticated chandelier-style look can amp up the elegance, while a more fanciful “hot air balloon” lantern style will keep things light and fun.

Place some accents around the table, like charming coasters, or some flower, confetti, or crystal-filled globes to complete the effect.

  • Don’t Forget the Gifts and the Favors

The shower is a fun get-together and a celebration of the new mom, but the word “shower” is about the gifts. You should certainly plan with the mom-to-be about her wishlist and whether she would like to get registered. 

Also, present the guests with a lovely favor to commemorate the event. You can never go wrong with good-quality candles. However, some adorable birds and bees-themed gifts could also make a splash, though. And all serve as a reminder of how important a support system is for new parents and the gratitude we feel for those special people in our lives.

  • Do Include the Mother in the Planning

Because of everything from diet restrictions to preferences on the guestlist, the mom-to-be should be as involved as she would like to be. While some may request a surprise, let them ask for it. Most women will most likely get to choose who is invited, the menu and drinks, and what the entertainment may be.

  • Don’t Steamroll 

The best advice for you is to go in with zero expectations beyond making your guest of honor happy. Traditionally there are no men or children invited, and there are a lot of games that can range from the distasteful to the embarrassing. Those are the kinds of things you can let the mother inform you about when it comes to her preferences. 

  • Do Plan the Menu

For the menu, you may need to do a count of allergies and look out for cross contaminations. Or, you may be given a very general idea to stick to. For the most part, as the parties tend to be during the day, having beer and wine instead of liquor is a good rule of thumb.

  • Don’t Overschedule

Wherever you land on games, make sure the party has a good flow. Allow the group to mingle and have “free” times in the party for chatting. People like to share their birth and pregnancy stories and advice, so allow time for that. Just rein in the stories if they are upsetting the mom-to-be!