Finding a gift is the easy part. Deciding on the right words for the inscription is often the hardest part which SG Wedding Favors will help you with by providing you with seven of the most popular types of messages for personalized gifts. From anniversary quotes to holiday well wishes, an engraved gift is the ultimate way to celebrate a gift-giving occasion with elegance.

7 Of The Most Popular Types Of Messages For Personalized Gifts

1. Anniversary Quotes

When looking for the right words to say Happy Anniversary, you want to think back on the original occasion. Was there something that was said during your vows that you want to relive? Did someone make a funny joke in a toast? Have you learned anything about life since the occasion occurred? Thinking about the past will help you choose a quote.

  • To Love; To Life; To Another Year
  • Two Became One; For Better For Worse; Happy Anniversary
  • Our Love Story; A New Year A New Chapter; Our Future Awaits Us

 2.  Birthday Greetings

Birthdays are made for fun, so choose a greeting that is loveable, humorous, or both.

  • 3 Stages Of Life; Young, Grown, Time Flies; Happy Birthday
  • Just Remember; When Over The Hill; Cars Pick Up Speed
  • Yearning For Yesterday?; Turn Off The A/C; Appreciate Tomorrow

 3. Christmas Greetings

Holidays are made for love, friendship, or funny sarcasm. So, make sure you choose a personalized gift message that will bring a smile of appreciation to the receiver’s face.

  • The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want Psalm 23:1
  • Joy Family Love; My Meaning Of Christmas; {Add Family Name/Date}
  • At Christmas, Gifts Are Mandatory; Relatives Are Optional

 4. Congratulations Messages

From corporate clients to graduations and promotions, personalized gifts really stand out from all the cards a person will receive. Focus on the occasion to find the right words.

  • Congratulations; Your Hard Work Paid Off; Enjoy The New Job
  • Congratulations; On Your Graduation Day; {Add School Name / Date}
  •  You Graduated; Congratulations; Love Mom And Dad

 5. Friendship Quotes

Friends are there through the best and worst times in your lives. You share your secrets and are the first ones you call when you need to talk. Personalized gifts for friends need to be light and heartfelt so it says what you are often not able to when you should.

  • Walking Together; In Darkness Is Better; Than In Light Alone
  • Your Friendship; The Greatest Gift; A Beautiful Life
  • A Million Secrets; A Thousand Hugs & Kisses; 1 True Friendship

6.Hanukkah Greetings

Hanukkah greetings should be light, happy, heartfelt, and tied to the receiver’s faith.

  • Sending Love; Happiness & Joy; Happy Hanukkah
  • Joy Peace Faith; To Love And Laughter; Happy Hanukkah
  • Hanukkah; Festival Of Lights; {Family Name / Date}

 7.  Memorial Dedications

Memorials must focus on the reason, date of the event, and mood. Keep messages simple.

  • Focus On Love; Not On The Loss; {Name/Date}
  • Love In Life; Sorrow In Loss; Hold To Memories
  • Forever Loved; Forever Remembered; {Dates}

If you are unsure of how to choose personalized gifts, visit us at our storefront or choose any of our items at where you can add any of these inscriptions.