If you’re planning a big wedding bash and you’re inviting friends and relatives from all over the world to join you in celebration, you’ll probably want to provide them with some official event activities outside of the traditional wedding ceremony and reception. Here are a few options to consider.

Fun Official Wedding Events Other Than the Ceremony and Reception

Expanded Rehearsal Dinner 

The rehearsal dinner was traditionally an event just for immediate families and the wedding party, but some couples are starting to treat this event as an opportunity to include close friends and family members who may not be involved in the wedding ceremony but are still special and important to the process. This is a great solution for couples who’ve chosen not to have large wedding parties and may have some close friends who deserve to be included in the celebration without actually having an official role to play. You can also invite your officiant as a show of respect.


Welcome Party

If you’d rather leave your rehearsal dinner traditional or you’re planning a destination wedding in which everyone arrives on the same day ahead of the wedding, you can plan a welcome party so all your guests can mingle and you can spend some time visiting with everyone before the big day. This can be a cocktail-style party with buffet appetizers or a casual dinner at a local restaurant. It could even be an afternoon barbecue in a backyard. Just do yourself a favor and keep it simple or put a family member in charge so you don’t have to worry too much about logistics.


Sunday Brunch

The day after the wedding can feel a little bit like a major crash after an awesome high, even if you’re still riding the joy of the day before. You can gently keep the celebratory spirit going by joining your family and close friends for a post-wedding brunch the next day. Some couples choose to keep the brunch guest list to their closest family members only—parents and siblings and perhaps grandparents—so everyone can have their first relaxed event together as a new family unit. This brunch can be a relaxed event where everyone gathers for a simple pastry and coffee meal and chats while you and your new spouse opens presents, or you can all get dressed up once more and head to a nice restaurant for a full multi-course meal.


Reception “Afterglow” Party    

You don’t need to wait until Sunday to continue celebrating with your wedding guests. Because some reception venues require that the party ends well before everyone’s actually ready to call it a night, reception afterparties are becoming increasingly popular. You can gather up your guests and head to a specific late-night bar or restaurant to continue talking and making memories—and even get some snacks—after you’ve cleared out from your venue. Plan this party in advance and include details on your wedding website so everyone knows where to go.

No matter what events you’re considering for your wedding, SG Wedding Favors has the decor, stationery and favors you need to make the event your own. Give your guests a special experience and add to the wonderful collection of memories you’ll have after your big wedding weekend.