Is wedding planning stressing you out? Don’t worry; you are in good company as nearly half of  Zola’s survey participants said they considered visiting the justice of the peace or eloping because they were overwhelmed during the process.  Participants also cited loss of sleep and extreme anxiety as well. If you are feeling the pressure, here are five smart ways to stay organized while wedding planning so you enjoy the benefits rather than the many headaches.

5 smart ways to stay organized while wedding planning

 1. Create A Wedding-Only Email Account To Communicate

To stay focused on wedding specific details, you should create an email account that is dedicated only to communicating with vendors or guest RSVPs. I cannot tell you enough how difficult it is to locate emails hidden among tons of business, retail, and personal communications. You don’t want to ignore a guest or miss a vendor deadline because you overlooked the email. It also makes it easier to save to vendor and guest files digitally.

 2. Start A Bank Account For Automatic Vendor Payments

Just like with communication, you will also want to keep your wedding expenses separate from your ordinary financial transactions. It will allow you to focus on what has been paid and whose contracts are still pending. You also will have a dedicated monthly bank statement that shows an itemized list of expenditures which will keep you on budget. As more vendors get paid, your budget will get tighter, so a dedicated bank account will help you also help you itemize which vendors need to be paid and when you need it done.

 3. Plan Digitally

Do you really need stacks of contracts piling up to remind you of your pending nuptials? It is just a reminder of unpaid bills which is one of the leading stressors for couples. Do yourself a favor and plan digitally by making contact with vendors electronically and

asking contractors to send contracts by email. Not only will it make it easier, but it will allow you to save them in a computer file which gets them out sight until you need them.

 4. Leverage Online Sites For Planning

There are a ton of wedding sites that help newly engaged couples plan. From using to registry sites, the internet is an excellent place to leverage for inspiration.  Not only will you avoid the mistakes of other couples, but you will learn a great lesson in how to dodge the stressors by being organized and making it about the marriage rather than the need to be perfect. In the end, a mistake won’t change your happy ending.

 5. Control Accessibility By Using Online Vendors

Many couples are opting for online vendors and registries to save the stress of endless local appointments. You can get décor, personalized gifts, and favors online, and you can also save tons of money that you can dedicate to more pressing wedding day matters.

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