Traditionalists used to buy favors and place them on a table without much thought. Today, modernists are redefining the favor table display with more creative decoration ideas. One of the most innovative ways to do that is to use favors as attractive table centerpieces. It’s also a way for you to add a personal touch even if you use a wedding party planner. Most notably, you can let your guests take them home after the reception, so it makes the reception clean-up a breeze.

Creative Ways To Arrange Your Wedding Favor Table As Centerpiece Decor

1. Vases With Unique Décor

If you are looking for a favor that is also an ideal centerpiece, vases make for the perfect go-to at wedding receptions. Unlike traditional flowers, try unique fillers like trifles, paper pom-poms, or theme-colored branches covered with LED light displays. Finding an alternative option for vases will make for a fascinating and beautiful table focal point.

 2.  Floral Showpieces

Instead of vases, use a basket to fill it with confetti and then lay cut ranunculus, peonies, roses, lilies, daisies, blossoms, or hydrangeas on the top to create a visual sensation. You can use them to create a ceremony aisle pathway, décor, and themed basket centerpieces.

 3.  Candy Container Displays

If you want to go with fun and flirty, use candy container displays as centerpieces. It not only provides a sweet treat during the reception, but you can take favors and make them fancy, sophisticated, and friendly by adding ribbons or bows. It is the type of favors that guests will love to reuse on their dinner tables, movie nights, or as holiday party favors.

 4. Arranged Favor Boxes

You can use favor boxes in a few exciting ways. You can stack or arrange them in artistic ways as table centerpieces, in the venue, or as reception décor. Favor boxes are also reusable by guests, so they are practical, affordable favors that guests will love to own.

 5.  Candles

If you are having a night wedding, using tapered, verse, ivory pearl, or jeweled candle sets add an air of elegance and sophistication to your wedding. Having a candle set on each table as a centerpiece as well in the venue will provide a beautiful view for guests.

 6. Tea Table Infuser Décor

Instead of using vases, flowers, and candles, try the tea for two infusers as table décor. The silver infuser and the accompanying dish will cause a sensation among guests. It is also a metallic that works well in any season and with any theme, décor idea, or venue. 

 7. Jute Bag Charms 

Whether you are going for a vintage, outdoor, or a classical décor theme, try using alternatives like jute bags for table charms or incense. They are small and dainty enough for the centerpieces to mix-and-match with tea infusers, flowers, vases, or candle décor.

When thinking about the best way to combine favors with centerpieces, think about how to produce classy presentations, vintage inspiration, and décor character. If you have other ideas for your table décor, think about different ways to use them to create focal points in your wedding.