Dating back 3,000 years, wedding rings have a storied history. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use the ring as a symbol of eternity, with its “never-ending” shape. With the introduction of the Greeks, under Alexander the Great, the symbol was appropriated. The Greeks would use the circle, in the form of a ring, as a present for their romantic partners. In like fashion, when the Romans came and conquered the Greeks, they themselves began using the symbol. The Romans are the first group to be recorded using the rings in marriage ceremonies. And so the tradition began!

Today, all around the world, rings are just as important as ever. And while they are, quite literally, a symbol from ancient times, rings are also subject to trends and style changes, just like everything else we wear.

As we swing to the end of the 2021 wedding season, and also the end of the year, we can look forward to some new ring trends coming up for next year. The biggest focus is on personal expression and things meaningful to the couple. 

Band-Style Engagement Rings

Starting last year, and still going strong, this trend eschews the traditional “big rock” look of the engagement ring. Instead, the betrothed is given a band of smaller stones that go all the way around. This is also referred to as the “eternity” style (back to that ancient “never-ending” shape!), and it can be used in combination with other rings. 

Some may choose to have several bands of different colored stones, and to wear them simultaneously or as they choose. It is a very personal and unique way to approach the ring selection process. And, as you will see, it marks the departure from tradition and an emphasis on the individual that is very popular in general right now.

Personal Elements

Besides having a novel ring style in the form of band rings, people are also choosing to make their rings special in unexpected ways. One option is having a secret message, set of initials, pet name, or date inscribed in the ring. People even include the longitude and latitude of a meaningful place, such as where they met. Using engraving to personalize both rings is very popular right now. Also, having customized additions or features, such as shapes that look like a partner’s favorite animal, flower or landmark is also very on-trend.

Colorful Stones

For engagement rings, a combination of factors has converged to create the trend of colorful gemstone engagement rings and bridal sets. High diamond prices, the desire to be unique, and the moral dilemma behind mined diamonds have led some brides and grooms towards stones like emeralds, morganite, and sapphires. Some people prefer a combination of many gems for a sparkling, multi-color look. This is definitely used in combination with the abovementioned “band-style” rings. It saves money, creates an interesting versatile look, and allows that extra personal touch. You can choose a ring in your partner’s favorite color, with their birthstone or with a stone from a meaningful place.