There comes a time in every one’s life when it seems like, suddenly,  your friends are all having babies. It is an exciting time, but also a nerve-wracking, expensive and sleepless time for these new parents! As the years go on, you will see them turn into old pros. Having more children, or even just getting past the newborn phase is a right of passage that brings wisdom and calm.

Gifts for First-Time Parents

But, for that first year, new parents are a special breed. Let’s take a look at some of the best gift ideas for new parents. Let your friends or family know that you support them and are celebrating the new life they have brought into the world.


  • Milestone Gifts

The new parents in your life will view every new stage of their babies’ lives with joy and wonder. But they will also be very busy and very tired. Make it easy for them to remember to document the special moments that only come once. It is a gift to the parents, but also to the little one. The child will be able to look back and see a little story of their own lives, from a time before they could remember it.


For many people, social media has emerged as the new photo album. One on-trend gift that is very popular and useful is a set of milestone cards. These sets range from the firmly classic to the insanely cute, so you can rely on your knowledge of the couple to decide what best suits their tastes. The concept behind the cards is basically highlighting important occasions in the child’s life. A lot of them begin with pregnancy, including the day of the positive test and things like feeling the baby kick for the first time. Once the baby is in the picture, there are cards for photos of different stages in development, but also important events. There will be some for each month of the newborn’s life, to track and celebrate the growing process. But there are also cards for their first steps, first bite of solid food and other very special moments.


  • Picture Frames

In this time of camera phones and digital slideshows, buying someone an actual picture frame is a fun way to help them commemorate this precious time in their child’s life. A solid silver frame is always a classic option that will be well received. You can also think about having the piece engraved with the name and birthdate of the child.


But there are also fun picture frames out there, specifically designed for new parents. One popular idea is the first-year frame set, which contains four connected spaces for the photos. This way, the parents can complete the set with pictures from every four months of their baby’s first 12 months. Another great idea is a frame with space for both the sonogram and a picture of the newborn with his or her parents. There are even frames designed with a particular parent in mind. Check out this Frame for Fathers, which comes with an inspirational message for the new dad.