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For the Guests

It's a party to remember and you'd like to appreciate your guests as they celebrate together on your special day! Choosing the right gift for everyone may seem a daunting task, and a top tip may be to narrow it down to either gifting something practical, unique, or meaningful as the gift reflects you as a couple. Edible favors and practical gifts such as kitchenware, barware, towels & soaps, fans and keychains are always well received. Unique favors such as potted plants, scented candles or perhaps even crystal gifts will create lasting memories of your wedding day. Coordinating the favors to your theme is a wonderful idea as they add decor to each table. You may like to check out our Shop by THEME section to find matching and in trend favors, decor and accessories to suit. Have your favors personalized to create a meaningful and personal giveaway. Most of all, a gift from the heart can never go wrong. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience as you browse to find your perfect favor! Feel free to contact us should you wish for ideas and suggestions in our field of expertise.

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